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Radioactive Iodine

  1. Following RAI I have had parotid salivary gland swelling. It appears to be permanently swollen behind my TMJ joint. My Doctor suggested the gland is damaged and said the duct walls had collapsed. Do you have any ideas?
  2. Should patients suck on sour candies after RAI treatment, to stimulate the salivary glands?
  3. Is it unusual to use a Tg test level as a pre-treatment test to help determine the RAI dose?
  4. Does the TSH rise when using Thyrogen as a preparation?
  5. How long post RAI ablation should a whole body scan (WBS) be done?
  6. When should Synthroid and/or Cytomel be re-started post RAI ablation in patients who have had a hypothyroid preparation?
  7. Are pets effected by exposure to us following our RAI treatment?
  8. Are people at risk of exposure to RAI from their cats or other pets – in what way, for how long, and what precautions should be taken?
  9. I am concerned about contaminating my home with residual RAI after my treatment. What precautions should I take?
  10. Will I set off the security alarm at the airport if i have recently had RAI treatment?
  11. Can you tell me more about blockage of the outflow tear drain system?
  12. Can you provide information about salivary gland swelling due to RAI treatment?
  13. What ways can one minimize the negative effects of RAI, such as sucking on sour fruit/candies?
  14. Should I have a bowel cleanse before RAI treatment and/or a whole body scan?
  15. Can I go to the dentist after having RAI treatment?
  16. Does RAI come from the Chalk River Nuclear Site in Ontario? How do patients get exactly the dose the doctor has prescribed, if RAI is constantly ‘decaying’ (diminishing in strength)? Is it better to take it in pill or liquid form?
  17. What do patients need to know with regard to use of vitamins and supplements in regards to RAI?
  18. Who should have RAI treatment? Should patients take Cytomel in the weeks leading up to a withdrawal (hypothyroid) preparation for RAI treatment? Why is it, in some cases, that the whole body scan (WBS) is repeated a few days after the first one?
  19. What is the correct dose of RAI for treatment/ablation? How is dosimetry used?
  20. Under what circumstances would RAI therapy be used to prevent metastases?
  21. Who requires RAI?

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